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Summer Egg CSA 1 Dozen Chicken Eggs WEEKLY x 22 Weeks

Summer Egg CSA 1 Dozen Chicken Eggs WEEKLY x 22 Weeks

Total price: $132 ($6 per week including preferred pickup or home delivery) EAT LOCAL AND FRESH ALL YEAR LONG! Can’t make it to the farmers market and need delivery? Want to make sure we’ve got your eggs every Saturday? No problem! Each share includes 22 weeks delivery of one dozen chicken eggs, as well as as well as the opportunity to purchase CSA-EXCLUSIVE Add-Ons from us (7 types of eggs seasonally, poultry, pork, and our Comfort Foods by Chef Stef line) as well as these fellow local farmers and producers -

*Cookies By Mabel

*Chef Stef Bottled & Jarred Specialties

You’ll also receive a weekly email with sales, recipes, seasonal treats or collaborations with local businesses, and an insulated tote bag + ice pack for new customers. Just place your tote bag outside each week for your delivery to keep your eggs cool and fresh, or if you’re able to come to the market but want to secure your dozen each week, please note that on your order and they’ll be ready for you to pick up each Saturday! Though not certified, all eggs and poultry from Lasher Meadows is grown using organic methods, being fed fresh, locally-grown grain, farm fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and insects.

*Pick up is available at Paul’s Hyde Park Farmers Market, 4390 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park on Saturdays from 9am-2pm, at the Poughkeepsie Waterfront Market, 75 N. Water St., Poughkeepsie on Tuesdays from 2pm-5:30pm or BIWEEKLY at the Eastdale Farmers Market, 3 Eastdale Avenue S, Poughkeepsie on BIWEEKLY Sundays from 9am-2pm. Deliveries will take place in Rhinebeck & Red Hook (RB) on Fridays between 8am & 4pm, Hyde Park, Staatsburg, Pleasant Valley, Salt Point, and Clinton (HP) on Mondays between 5 pm & 9 pm. Deliveries will take place in Poughkeepsie, Lagrange, Wappingers and surrounding areas (PK) on Wednesdays between 5 pm & 9 pm, this will include all Eastdale pickup customers after the final Eastdale market of the season, Sun. Sept. 15. You will receive a text message upon delivery.*

***If you will be away on one of our program dates, we can arrange delivery later in the week for Saturday pickup members or issue you an account credit for that week’s eggs. Your credit can be used to purchase Lasher Meadows products from our website as well as at the Hyde Park Farmers Market. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be given. A total of 2 account credits can be applied per account. 3 days advanced notice is required.***

Due to very cold, hot or unpredictable weather, the introduction of new birds, or predator pressure, egg production may drop. This could affect your egg share and, on rare occasions, there may not be enough for everybody. We do not expect this situation, but will email you and try to deliver later in the week. In this case, unfortunately, you will not receive twice your share the next week, as the chickens only lay what they lay. However, we will do what we can to include smaller pullet eggs (baby eggs with tons of nutrition!) or deliver later in the week if production picks up.


Program Dates (those with (X) next to it have already passed and are not included; package price amended to account for these dates):

1. RB May 31/HP Pick Up June 1/BIWEEKLY Eastdale Pickup June 2/HP Delivery June 3/PK Pick Up June 4/PK Delivery June 5

2. RB June 7/HP Pick Up June 8/HP Delivery June 10/ PK Pickup June 11/PK Delivery June 12

/HP Delivery June 17/PK Pick Up June 18/ PK Delivery June 19

4. RB June 21/HP Pick Up June 22/HP Delivery June 24/PK Pick Up June 25/PK June 26

5. RB June 28/HP Pick Up June 29/HP Delivery July 1/PK Pick Up July 2/PK Delivery July 3

6. RB July 5/HP Pick Up July 6/BIWEEKLY Eastdale Pickup July 7/HP Delivery July 8/PK Pick Up July 9/ PK Delivery July 10

7. RB July 12/HP Pick Up July 13/HP Delivery July 15/PK Pick Up July 16/PK DeliveryJuly 17

8. RB July 19/HP Pick Up July 20/BIWEEKLY Eastdale Pickup July 21/HP Delivery July 22/PK Pick Up July 23/PK Delivery July 24

9. RB July 26/HP Pick Up July 27/HP Delivery July 29/PK Pick Up July 30/PK Delivery July 31

10. RB Aug. 2/HP Pick Up Aug. 3/BIWEEKLY Eastdale Pickup Aug. 4/HP Delivery Aug. 5/PK Pick Up Aug. 6/PK Delivery August 7

11. RB Aug. 9/HP Pick Up Aug. 10/HP Delivery Aug. 12/PK Pick Up Aug. 13/PK Delivery Aug. 14

12. RB Aug. 16/HP Pick Up Aug. 17/BIWEEKLY Eastdale Pickup Aug. 18/HP Delivery Aug. 19/PK Pick Up Aug. 20/PK Delivery Aug. 21

13. RB Aug. 23/HP Pick Up Aug. 24/HP Delivery Aug. 26/PK Pick Up Aug. 27/PK Delivery Aug. 28

14. RB Aug. 30/HP Pick Up Aug. 31/BIWEEKLY Eastdale Pickup Sept.1/HP Delivery Sept. 2 (subject to change due to Labor Day)/PK Pick Up Sept. 3/PK Delivery Sept. 4

15. RB Sept. 6/HP Pick Up Sept. 7/HP Delivery Sept. 9/PK Pick Up Sept. 10/PK Delivery Sept. 11

16. RB Sept. 13/HP Pick Up Sept. 14/BIWEEKLY Eastdale Pickup Sept. 15/HP Delivery Sept. 16/PK Pick Up Sept. 17/PK Delivery Sept. 18

17. RB Sept. 20/HP Pick Up Sept. 21/HP Delivery Sept. 23/PK Pick Up Sept. 24/PK Delivery Sept. 25

18. RB Sept. 27/HP Pick Up Sept. 28/HP Delivery Sept. 30/PK Pick Up Oct. 1/PK Delivery Oct. 2 (Including Eastdale Customers)

19. RB Oct. 4/HP Pick Up Oct. 5/HP Delivery Oct. 7/PK Pick Up Oct. 8/PK Delivery Oct. 9

20. RB Oct. 11/HP Pick Up Oct. 12/HP Delivery Oct. 14/PK Pick Up Oct. 15/PK Oct. 16 (Including Eastdale Customers)

21. RB Oct. 18/HP Pick Up Oct. 19/HP Delivery Oct. 21/PK Pick Up Oct. 22/PK Delivery Oct. 23

22. RB Oct. 25/HP Pick Up Oct. 26/HP Delivery Oct. 28/PK Pick Up Oct. 29/PK Delivery Oct. 30 (Including Eastdale Customers)

We look forward to serving you. Thank you for supporting our dream of providing the freshest, healthiest food possible to our family and yours.

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