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18 Count Quail Eggs

18 Count Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are tiny powerhouses! Quail eggs have a high yolk-to-egg white ratio which means the eggs come out much thicker and creamier when used for cooking or baking. Eating quail eggs may help support the nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems due to high vitamin content. And since quail eggs are considered to be antioxidants, they may also assist in the elimination of harmful toxins. These tiny eggs may help those with low red cell counts, or anemia, by increasing the red blood cells. In comparison to chicken eggs, quail eggs have two times as much iron!Besides proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, quail eggs are also rich in choline. Choline plays an important role in the body, especially for the development of brain function. This is closely related to the role of choline as a component that serves as asetikolin introduction of nerve signals. Adequate choline intake will help to work on the brain's neural signals, which can strengthen the memory of children and prevent dementia in the elderly. Mothers who are in the pre pregnancy stage to breastfeed, should start consuming food sources of choline, such as quail eggs in a considerable amount. It is important to support fetal brain development.Eggs from quail are smaller than a chicken egg, so it is important to use three quail eggs for every one chicken egg when you substitute them in recipes.

Though not certified, all eggs and poultry from Lasher Meadows is grown using organic methods, being fed fresh, locally-grown grain, farm fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and insects.

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