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Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

America fell in love with the chicken wing back in the mid-1960’s and the obsession only continues to grow. A must for football get-togethers, the mighty chicken wing has gone from a worthless piece of meat meant for making stock to one of our favorite meals.Our wings come in one section, and can be broken down into 3 parts - "Drummette", "Wingette" or "Flat" and "Tip". The tip is thrown away or can be used to prepare stock.


Don’t forget our favorite wing sauces! Chef Stef’s Smoking Musket Ale BBQ Sauce and Smoked Bacon Buffalo Sauce are the perfect accompaniments!


Please keep in mind that because of their diet and exercise, our birds are a bit leaner than commercial birds.When cooking them, remember that they have less fat and are likely to need less cooking time.When preparing them - Indirect heat is optimal, you can delight in the natural flavor of the meat in many different ways, including: braising, grilling, pan searing or baking.Our chicken DOES NOT SHRINK when you cook it like store-bought!




Though not certified, all eggs and poultry from Lasher Meadows is grown using organic methods, being fed fresh, locally-grown grain, farm fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and insects.

  • FYI

    All meat orders will be filled with fresh, never frozen meat when it is available.

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