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Chicken Thighs

Chicken Thighs

Our bone-in chicken thighs will add flavor and character to many dishes. When you cook them, they retain more of that juice than breasts do, in part because of the skin, and in part because of the bone. Chicken thighs also contain more fat and collagen than breasts, producing a more succulent mouth feel when you bite into them. The more intense flavor of chicken thighs compared with breasts is due to the fact that thighs are considered "dark meat," which is inherently more flavorful. They also contain more fat than breasts, and fat is a major source of flavor. Not only that, but the bone imparts flavor, especially if you braise the thighs, which helps extract the rich flavors contained in the marrow.

Our poultry flocks are never given any hormones or antibiotics, and they live on pesticide, insecticide and chemical free grassy pastures where they peck, scratch and eat grasses, weeds, flowers and bugs, which supplement the locally grown grains that we feed them.


Please keep in mind that because of their diet and exercise, our birds are a bit leaner than commercial birds.


When cooking them, remember that they have less fat and are likely to need less cooking time.


When preparing them - Indirect heat is optimal, you can delight in the natural flavor of the meat in many different ways, including: braising, grilling, pan searing or baking.


Our chicken DOES NOT SHRINK when you cook it like store-bought!




Though not certified, all eggs and poultry from Lasher Meadows is grown using organic methods, being fed fresh, locally-grown grain, farm fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and insects. I’m

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    All meat orders will be filled with fresh, never frozen meat when it is available. 

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